Some more updates

Ok so, Just a few more updates for you guys. There will no longer be a splash page on the site declaring it to be a beta site. I'm going to try to make the site smaller, update the dead links, and some more small changes. We'll keep you updated of course.


A few small updates

Well since the last audio track was such a hit(see:tripple in bandwitch usage), I suppose we'll add some more audio tracks. I also added this splat thing to the background.

As promised: here is few more audio tracks.


Heart of a Warrior by Ice Master Dlux(3:06)


Elecktrologic by DJ-Quamii(1:56)


Done for today!

So yeah... I suppose I can just sit back... enjoy a cup of coffee like my friend here. Hopefully I won't have too much more to do to it for now.


Again, if you have any feedback,(If you like it, don't like it, hate it, can offer some sugestions, etc.)please let us know. There is a link at the top of this page to send and email, or you can sign up in the forum to leave a message here: [link].


Also, Check it out! Fully HTML5 and CSS valid! Check out this awesome SkyMarshall track!:


Test pages

This is one of the test pages for the new BlueWaterGaming site! Please let us know what you think about it by leaving a comment in the forums! [link] For everyone who wants to go to the old forums, there is a link at the top and a link right here: [link].


For his ongoing project updates and just pure randomness, please check out Kealper's blog: [link]


Working on a new theme

I got bored of the old site pretty fast, albeit it has lasted the longest. I'm trying to put together Ideas for the new site now. If you have any ideas for the new site, please leave us a comment in the forum about it here: [link]


I've also gotten into making some different styles for blocks of different text like some blogs do. Here are some examples:

" I've also gotten into making some different styles for blocks of different text like some blogs do. here are some examples: "

-Thoatt like... right up there^^^^^

Look! There's also a block for code if I ever need to paste some AutoIt code/PHP code, etc, etc. I might make it colorified for code later... But that's for later =)

HotKeySet("{F8}", "update")

Func update()
$u_rl = ClipGet()
$f_wintitle = WinGetTitle("Firefox","")
$f_window = StringTrimRight($f_wintitle, 18)
ControlSetText("Comment - Advanced","Enter a comment","Edit1", $f_window)
ControlSetText("Comment - Advanced","Enter a comment","Edit2", $u_rl)
ControlClick("Comment - Advanced","","Button2")

While 1=1


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